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About the Center for Tax Policy (CTP)


The Center for Tax Policy (CTP) is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization that disseminates information to assist business and government leaders in developing and implementing fair tax policy in Colorado. Since 1946, CTP has been the "watchdog" for taxpayer interests. It is the only Colorado organization that does not espouse a specific political agenda, promote a special interest group, or seek to influence public policy in a self-serving manner. CTP's single-minded mission is and always has been to promote more efficient government.


In 2000, CTP and the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver formalized a relationship, which enables CTP to utilize graduate students to significantly expand its research capabilities.

As the only non-profit, non-partisan organization of its kind in Colorado, the Center for Tax Policy (CTP), with its partnership, the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, has assumed the primary leadership role in developing a distinctive computerized tax policy model to be used in the analysis of State tax policies today and in the foreseeable future.

Called the Colorado Data Repository (CDR), the purpose of this sophisticated model is to provide a reliable computer program tool that will examine both spending and tax revenues and provide state and local policy makers with accurate predictions about the real effects to be expected as a result of changes in tax policy. Currently, there is no such tool available to those who make tax policy decisions in the State of Colorado.

Under the leadership of CTP, it is anticipated that the CDR will be quickly recognized as the single most important source of all Colorado data, including demographic data and data related to all aspects of the State's complicated tax and fiscal system.

Data from the Colorado Data Repository will contribute to the analysis of some of the most pressing public finance issues facing Colorado today. Based upon data compiled and an analysis of public finance issues form the recent past, the CDR analysis would be invaluable to decision makers.


  • Tax structure that promotes a strong economy
  • Better government at less cost
  • Efficient handling of public business
  • Better public understanding and awareness of government problems
  • Increased citizen participation in government


CTP Research Reports

CTP conducts independent research and publishes analyses of tax and finance issues. These reports are available to public policy makers, educational institutions, the public, and its supporters.

Recent Reports:

  • State Government Tax Collections for 2005

  • Ratchet Effects on Tabor - Referendum C & D

  • 2005 How Colorado Compares: Taxes and Spending

  • Assessed Valuation and Property Tax Changes, 2002 and 2003

  • Colorado's Proposed Tobacco Tax and its Fiscal Impact on Local Government

  • The Site Selection Process: The Role of Economic Development Incentives

CTP Web Access

Supporters receive direct access, via our web site, to our latest reports, findings, and historical data before it is provided to the general public.

CTP Presentations

CTP presents its ongoing research to public and private organizations in several ways: Regional Presentations, Regional Luncheons, and Fiscal Forums. The CTP Annual Luncheon presents the views of nationally recognized leaders on critical public policy issues. Finally, members of the CTP board and staff testify before state legislative committees.

CTP Contract Services

CTP provides its research capabilities and expertise to businesses of all sizes, from large national corporations to small local firms; civic organizations; and large and small public entities on a contractual basis.


The Center for Tax Policy is recognized as the most respected independent public policy research organization in Colorado. Each year CTP’s diligent pursuit of the truth saves taxpayers millions of dollars. Without CTP’s unbiased information, decision-makers in the public and private sectors would be forced to make uninformed decisions on tax policy.

The Center for Tax Policy believes that business, individual taxpayers, and government are all necessary elements in a healthy economy. CTP provides the forum for individuals, small and large businesses, and public entities to have direct input into the public policy decisions that effect their lives.

To maintain its objective voice, it is imperative for CTP to be non-partisan and non-profit. For over 60 years, we have been supported solely by the generosity of our contributors and selected foundations. Together with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, CTP intends to continue its tradition of excellence as a voice for all taxpayers well in to the next century.

" is imperative that the business community continue and enhance its support of CTP. CTP has done extensive research and analysis on all phases of this subject, and will be an invaluable and objective resource in the debate on how best to restructure the tax system in Colorado."
Del Hock, Public Service Co. (ret.)


"CTP's affiliation with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver will significantly increase its ability to undertake more research projects on the local, regional, and national basis. Businesses of all sizes have always and will continue to benefit from the work of the center for tax policy."
Joe Blake, President
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

"CTP's nonpartisan studies provide a valuable resource for those who shape tax and spending policy in Colorado. Frequently it's the work of CTP that actually frames the debate and gives the business community the wherewithal to present its case."
Dave Delcour
Newmont Mining Company - Dawn Mining

"There's probably no better source for information on economic development and tax and finance issues in Colorado than CTP."
Julie Bender
DIA Business Partnership


  • Bill Schroeder - Chairperson
    Intermountain REA
  • Roy Alexander
  • Joseph B. Blake
    Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Brian Bonell
    AngloGold Ashanti NA
    Colorado Concern
  • David W. Delcour
  • Betsy Giles
    Altria Corporate Services
  • Larry Gloss
    Gloss and Company Fundraising
  • Del Hock
    Public Service Company (Retired)
  • Tim Jackson
    Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
  • Ray Johnson
  • Lucille Mantelli
    Carestream Health Inc.
  • John McCormick
  • Jerry McElroy
    Kaiser Permanente
  • David McReynolds
    Columbine Health Plan
  • Bonnie Miller
    Coors Brewing Company
  • Robert Moody
  • James Mulligan
    Fairfield and Woods, P.C.
  • Scott Peterson
    Taylor Kohrs Construction
  • Alan Poe
    Holland & Hart
  • Albert Rosenthaler
    Liberty Media
  • Marc Servoss
    Servoss Public Relations & Marketing
  • Rodney Slyhoff
    Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
    Wells Fargo
  • Timothy White
    Douglas County Schools
  • Elton Winters
    City of Lone Tree


  • Charles S. "Bud" Hover, Jr.
  • Kathy Seprino
    Director of Operations
  • Jim Jacobs
    Research Consultant

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